11/9 FRESH FLASH: New at DKE Toys this week!

This is a double wide edition of the FRESH FLASH due to Designer Con madness. Next week we will be back on a regular weekly schedule.

If you are looking for these items, or any other items that we distribute, and can’t find them at your favorite retailer, ask them to carry DKE products. Or contact us to see where you can pick up some of these fun finds.


obama plush
obama plush


obama plush
Obama Plush – 2012 Edition
Designed by Mark Hundley for Bisbee Stiches

These are handmade limited edition Barack Obama dolls . In 2008 I started making Barack Obama dolls . In 2010 my Representative Gabrielle Giffords delivered an Obama doll to the President in person . A few weeks after Gabby stopped by the store, the curator of the Politics section of the Smithsonian museum in D.C. purchased an Obama doll for their permanent collection . (It was even briefly featured in a clip on the Today show ).These are the 2nd series Obama dolls . Each one is handmade by me so each doll will vary slightly. Each is approx. 11″ tall and comes packaged as shown above and includes a copy of the photo of The President with his doll .

Suggested Retail $30

almost famous x chinatown dreamtruck
almost famous x chinatown dreamtruck
almost famous x chinatown dreamtruck
TYO x Almost Famous 6″ Graffiti Box Truck

TYO presents the scale replica of the Simpsons truck painted by artists SEVOR, IDEAL, and SK. The truck has been spotted all over New York City and continues its daily route today.


The Dreamtruck platform from TYOTOYS is a collector-quality die cast model of the Ford LCF delivery truck. A mainstay workhorse on the streets of bustling Chinatown, NYC, and a prized canvas for the deft graffiti artist, this 1:43 scale delivery truck is now available to private collectors.

  • measures approx 6″ long by 3″ high
  • highly detailed metal die casting (cab and cargo) with some plastic parts
  • tilting cab reveals detailed engine compartment
  • artwork replicated from actual photographs of the full size truck
  • includes a TYOTOYS x Almost Famous mini sharpie

Suggested Retail $60

wao dog
wao dog
wao dog

Chiko O.G. WaoDog 3″ Sofubi Kaiju

This baby Dwag is the little brother of the O.G WaoDog, he comes straight from the hood’z. Crafted & designed by WaoToyz in his top secret lab hidden in the cloudy swiss Alps. Produced by Lulubell Toys, made in Japan.

1 point of articulation head and body. Soft vinyl. Available in pink or clear pink.

Suggested Retail $25

sketchartis gid
Sketchartis GID

by Dave Flores and produced by Bic Plastics

12″ tall with dual-welded razor sharp knives. Packed in a 4 C Box.

Suggested Retail $170

zip hops
zip hops
Zip-Hops Zipper Pulls

Cardboard Spaceship brings you Zip-Hops!!!

boom box – mic – turntable – mixer & headphones!

look out for the rare gold ones!


Suggested Retail $3 each

squib hat
Squib Drone Hat

Prepare for head “Hugs of Death”!!

Beware the Stare! These Squib Drones will eat their way to your heart, through your brain. Designed by Squid Kids Ink. They are made with high quality materials to ensure that they are very soft, cuddly, yet deadly.
  • Approx. 12″ tall while sitting or 24″ from fin to tentacle tips.
  • 1 size fits most
  • Made in China
Suggested Retail $30


Hello Maggot – Chewdy

By Shane Geil and Wild Brain

Chewdy has returned from the land of Hello Maggot, and all she wants to do is… WIGGLE, JIGGLE and NIBBLE her way into your heart!  Chewdy comes dressed in her favorite picnic party dress, and now has a smile as big and bright as a black upside down rainbow. Take Chewdy to the park, sneak out late and see a zombie movie. Whatever you want to do, Chewdy wants to do it with you. It’s just you and Chewdy, versus the world…

Suggested Retail $11

by Luke Chueh
produced by Munky King
  • Wall: 10.5″ tall in resin
  • Bear: 6.5″ tall in rotocast vinyl
  • Edition of 1000

Munky King proudly presents “Target”, based on the classic painting by Luke Chueh. The highly detailed bullet-ridden backdrop contrasts with the minimalist aesthetic of Luke’s iconic bear, creating a truly unique art piece.

Comes with removable brush and bucket and packaged in a box featuring Luke’s revisit of his original illustration. For a more seamless look, the walls are designed to interlock with each other to create one long continuous shooting range

Suggested Retail $100

the lover ji ja – a mr clement object
  • 2 colors available (Pink and Blue)
  • 3 jointed figure, arm and neck
  • Each figure comes with a small handmade english rose that fits into the mouth of figure
  • Each figure has a limited edition no. out of 150
  • Figure size: 8.2cm X 4.5cm X 4cm

Suggested Retail $40


junior hell fire
Junior – Hellfire Edition  PRE-ORDER
by Lou Pimentel

Before he was Cranston Fellows Jr., this little devil bat was just known as Junior. Small, egg shaped and lovable, he was born in the underworld and was a prankster from day one. Junior likes to dance, paint, and play practical jokes. His favorite pastime is hiding in small places and jumping out to scare his mom. Yes, he’s living his toddler years to their fullest. He does not make his bed and loves making a mess. He prefers peanut M&M’s and is always looking for new adventures. Speaking of adventure, Junior would love to come home with you to start one together. You bring cookies and a map and he’ll bring the ruckus.

2.75 inches tall, 5 inches wide.

Suggested Retail $35

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