Dov and Sarah Jo are nominated for a DTA!

6 days ago Dov and I were sitting on a cement bench outside the Hilton Gaslamp across the street from the Convention Center at about 8:30pm . So tired and unable to get up to make the next move, I checked my email on my phone. The next thing you know I am reading the nominations for the Designer Toy Awards out loud to a small group of friends.

I did not expect to see our names there. But sure enough, Dov and I are nominated for Best Collection.

This is a publicly voted award. So…if you feel like it, vote for us. We do indeed, have a lot of things. VOTE HERE!

You can vote once a day.

We are in great company in this category and are honored. Thanks DTAs! And thanks to whoever it is that nominated us. It gave me the energy to walk to back to the hotel and crash out. 🙂


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