…Of All Ages by Scott Wilkowski x Ferg Misfortune Cat RELEASED on Collect and Destroy

The Scott Wilkowski x Ferg “Misfortune Cat” was not released during San Diego Comic-Con because it was not ready in time. Ferg is handling the release on the Collect and Destroy message board. The thread is here. CAD is going to cap the list on Friday. So if you want one, and you qualify, sign up today.

From the thread:

“As most of you know the SDCC Infected Misfortune cats were not finished in time for the Con. The good news is that DKE has agreed to release them here. I have to admit I am stoked about this because they will now all end up in the hands of true collectors.

Put your name on the list in this thread if you are interested in one. The cost is $125 plus shipping. If the list goes over 60 pcs we will do a lottery style drawing. You must be recruit status or higher to enter. (or have a join date prior to July 2011)”

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