10/23 FRESH FLASH: New at DKE Toys this week!

Here’s what DKE Toys has new in stock for retailers this week. If you are looking for these items, or any other items that we distribute, and can’t find them at your favorite retailer, ask them to carry DKE products. Or contact us to see where you can pick up some of these fun finds.


Jouwe Yellow

“Jouwe is a rhino with ant-shaped head, created by Marine Ramdhani of MyTummyToys, He describes the figure concept as:”a story based character called the Rhino’s project, and it will be growth like a comics books, caused Jouwe now already had a parents (Plum and Bismarck/this two figure will come soon), the concept is taken from One Cone Rhino, who live in Ujung Kulon Jungle, Banten West Java Indonesia, The concept for this figure is always growth like a comics books, we also can’t predict when the concept is end. This story will grow together with the figure….”

Produced by Kuso Vinyl

10″ tall.

Suggested Retail $58

Panda SB 
by Adam Litvack
Produced by Frombie

SB is short for Skiddlyboop and he is Zora’s pet flying squirrel!  SB pvc figurine stands at 2.5″.  This is the Panda colorway for SB.

Limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

Suggested Retail $30

Shadow Zora

by Adam Litvack

Produced by Frombie

Shadow Zora stands at 6″ and she comes with a resin shadow mace to protect her from the evil spirits of Ssorcs caverns.

Limited to 50 pieces worldwide.

Suggested Retail $40


Beetle Plush

Produced by Frombie

Beetle 12″ plush toy is a brownish-red color and is one of Meanatoads henchmen in the Frombie comic story.

Suggested Retail $20


Kami Navy Plush

Produced by Frombie

Kami Navy 12″ plush toy. Kami joins Zora and SB in their adventures through Earth to find a way home back to Ssorc.

Suggested Retail $20

strife & sire
Strife & Sire – Standard Edition

by Nathan Hamill

Produced by 3DRetro
Strife & Sire stands 7″ tall.
“Whispers and hints from days long past
Tellus tales of haunted spells cast…
Strife, a Warrior Imp of Calendula, was an attendant and protector of the once mighty but now fallen god, Sire. Though only his skull remains, Strife is a loyal creature through and through. He still watches over Sire in death, awaiting his prophesied return.”

This will be the first release of the Standard Edition, limited to 150 pieces.

Suggested Retail $50



Ron English “Temper Tot”  Pre-Order 

Temper Tot is the newest vinyl creation from Ron English. Standing 8″, he is one of Ron’s most recognizable characters, having been portrayed through Ron’s gallery paintings and street art. Temper Tot, half infant, half hulk, signifies that combustible amalgamation of unbridled id and unbounded brawn.

Suggested Retail $70


chester runcorn
chester runcorn
chester runcorn
Chester Runcorn PORT edition
Designed by Doktor A
Produced by Kuso Vinyl
6 inches tall. Packaged in a gift box with flocked blister.
Edition of 300 pcs.
Suggested Retail $65


crappy cats

Designed by Trevor Van Meter (VanBeater)

Produced by Unacat

CrappyCat is 9″ vinyl and comes packed with an almost spent sixer, only one beer left! The Standard edition is limited to 750 pieces and a Mono (grey) edition is limited to 250 pieces.

Check out CrappyCat Interactive Cinema!!

Join CrappyCat in his abnormal journey to the bottom of a bottle and into another dimension.

Suggested Retail $65

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