DKE Toys and Suckadelic present “A Losing Proposition: 2004 – 2012”

DKE Toys and Suckadelic present “A Losing Proposition: 2004 – 2012

From the Secret Archive comes this incredible Bootleg Timeline

 Saturday, November 3, 2012   9am – 6pm

Pasadena Convention Center, 300 East Green Street, Pasadena CA 91101



DKE Toys and Suckadelic present an all-day retrospective of the work of The Sucklord: “A Losing Proposition: 2004-2012”.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…well, at least in a studio in Chinatown, NYC way back in 2004, The Sucklord as we know him today, dropped his first recognized art toy release.  Fast forward to present, The Sucklord has completely flooded the market with his tomfoolery and crappy bootlegs. For the first time ever, from the deepest part of the Secret Archive, the public will be able to plug their nose and lay their eyes on the three-dimentional timeline progression into the Suck Realm.

Despite living with his mom for 36 years, the Sucklord has managed to fleece the toy industry and somehow build enough of a fan base to hold his very own retrospective. Witness the progression from an original Sucklord 66 figure to the ever-popular Gay Empire figure.  You may not have bought it (good for you), but come be an asshole by checking it all out.

A Losing Proposition: 2004 – 2012” is from the collection of Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks.

THE SUPER SUCKLORD is an intergalactic hustler and entrepreneur, trading in bootleg action figures, illicit remix records, and dusted Internet video. Operating from a secret facility in Chinatown New York, The Sucklord is a master media manipulator and Downtown Designer Toy impresario. He is the supreme ruler of SUCKADELIC, an evil arts organization dedicated to the production and sale of the Sucklord’s ironic, low-quality art merchandise.

DKE TOYS: Dov Kelemer & Sarah Jo Marks are Co-Founders of DKE Toys, the largest independent wholesale distributor of designer toys, limited edition art objects, collectibles, and gifts in the world exclusively representing hundreds of artists, designers, and boutique manufacturers. DKE also curates art shows, writes books, appraises and buys collections and toy closeouts of all shapes and sizes.

DESIGNER CON is an art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer apparel with urban, underground and pop art.

DKE Toys is also presenting the following events at Designer Con 2012:

  • The Super Suck Up! Customized Sucklord figure editions by actual artists!
  • The Second Annual Suckathon featuring the Super Sucklord live streaming noon-5pm. Watch at
  • All day presentation of Toy Lords of Chinatown, featuring the Super Sucklord
  • Play stupid games at the Suckcarnival! Win a talking plush Sucklord.
  • The Fourth Annual DKE Toys Graveyard & Garage Sale

Super Suck Up images and news:

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Gay Empire Vintage Package Mordros package JERK OF ART: The world's worst artist Spacemens1 package Sucklord 43 package MARY PAPER$ Package

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