Yes, that guy from the Banksy movie put that on our house…

Before Exit Through the Gift Shop came out mostly my neighbors would ask me, “What’s up with that funny looking Pacman figure on your chimney?”. However, since Exit Through the Gift Shop came out, now whenever I’m out front watering the plants or taking out the trash, passersby are always asking me if the guy from that Banksy movie put that character up there.

It was June 2005. Invader was in Los Angeles for his art show, RUBIKCUBISM:AlogicalexhibitionbyInvader at Sixspace. Dov and I went down to check it out and bring Invader some cash we owed him for distributing his books. Dov hands him the cash and asks him how long he’ll be in town for. If I remember correctly it was only a few days. But we wanted a Space Invader of our own. So…Dov asked. And Invader told us how many tiles to buy. Dov and I stopped at Home Depot on the way home and looked at tile. We were looking at all the tiny tile and then decided to make it bigger. A large chimney could handle some bigger tiles.

The next day when Invader came over to install our new artwork, he was so happy with the larger tile. And he was thrilled to be able to work free-form instead of making a square mosaic and then posting that up. So he went to work putting up our new friend.

I always wanted to make a little flip book of the night Invader, invaded our house, but never did. So, proving that blogs are useful once again, a pictorial, just for you.

I like to think this is what Invader was thinking when Dov asked him to install a mosaic on our home!

From Rubikcubism at Sixspace

Hoping to get an Alias someday too.


Here’s Dov giving his all.


Invader uses his special tape to build the creature on the kitchen floor before taking it outside.


Our green eyed guy taking shape


The tape makes it real.



Dov holds the ladder for a happy Invader




With these shoes you get points for every step you take!

All done!

When he was done, he came down from the ladder, walked across the street, folded his arms, looked at his creation and said, “50 points.”

Here’s how it looks today. Dirty chimney and all.


JasonFebruary 8th, 2013 at 3:58 pm

I was having trouble locating the street numbers when we came over one day. Then I saw the Invader and the light bulb switched on.

The BlotFebruary 20th, 2013 at 5:04 pm

That’s such an awesome story! Thanks for sharing the pics.

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