8/13 FRESH FLASH: New at DKE Toys!

Here’s what DKE Toys has NEW in stock for retailers. If you are looking for these items, or any other items that we distribute, and can’t find them at your favorite retailer, ask them to carry DKE products. Or contact us to see where you can pick up some of these fun finds.


luster ji ja

luster ji ja
the luster ji ja grey
  • material: PVC
  • figure size: 8.2cm X 4.5cm X 4cm
  • color version: grey
  • 3 jointed figure, arm and neck
  • limited edition: 200
  • figure has a limited edition no

designed by mr clement

Suggested Retail $40


luckitty pon

luckitty pon
luckitty pon
luckitty pon
luckitty pon
luckitty pon
Mini Luckitty Pon   

Artist: Rotobox

Produced By: Kusovinyl

Size: 3 inches

Limited to 300pcs each colorway (OG, Gold & Black Japan)

Package: Window box
Suggested Retail $11 each

bunnywith sticker

bunnywith sticker
bunnywith no legs



B.U.N.N.Y.W.I.T.H. Vinyl Sticker Pack

by Alex Pardee

Based Upon Nearly Nothing, You Will Indulge in These Hares.

From the mind of Alex Pardee  – Bunnywith Siamese Twin, Bunnywith Mesmerizing Eye, Bunnywith No Legs, Bunnywith Hammerhead, and Bunnywith…Um…Nothing.

A five pack of screenprinted vinyl stickers, 1 of each syle – bagged with a header card. Approx 2″x2″ with rounded corners.
Suggested Retail $5

grey 10 d'oh

DIY Gray 10-Doh!  

Bring your fondest childhood memories back to life with this Do It Yourself figure.

Who needed attentive parents, a babysitter, or even friends back in the 80’s. Now you can relive the good ol’ days by reminiscing about all of that time well spent way back when.

10-Doh! Is the first figure from the So Analog line by Squid Kids Ink. The body is made of ABS with the hands and feet are made of PVC. Each 10-Doh! figure stands 7″ tall

Suggested Retail $30


Gamma Ray Tequilla

Tequila Gamma Ray 

Originally released at the Japan Expo by Artoyz x Muttpop = Gamma Ray Tequila!

Limited to edition of 300.

Suggested Retail $75

machine mouth
Machine Mouth

By Clogtwo / Published by Mighty Jaxx

This is Clogtwo’s first ever art book entitled ‘Machine Mouth’, A tome at 370 pages thick, it is the first publication by Mighty Jaxx. It also includes a commemorative 2″ art figure, the Mini-Skuhl, which will not be available for sale by itself. Perfect binding and a hardcover with beautiful gold embossing, the book showcases his multidisciplinary body of work over a span of 5 years.

Often known as one of Singapore’s most intriguing urban street artists, Clogtwo is known to base his characters off local social issues, drawing from a wide range of topics to bring forth fictitious, thought-provoking characters. On top of spray-­painting the walls of notable clients, Clogtwo brings together a mish mash of mythical creatures that exude a quiet confidence, forming the basis for a storyboard of interlinked archetypes.
Suggested Retail $110

DIY Trading Cards
DIY Trading Cards
Produced by Card Hacks for The Art Hustle
Make your own artist edition sketch cards! Each box comes with 260 blank 18pt thick sketch cards. Also included are wrappers that can be used to make your own packs.
Retail Price $30

mork hero

mork Hero

Mork: Hero

by MAD

produced by POBBER

  • 6.5 inches tall
The world’s greatest Superhero-wannabe is finally here.
Featuring Mork in a blue stars and stripes pajamas, this superhero wannabe is ready to fight crime and save the world from his evil brother.
Superhero or or just ready for bed? You decide.
Comes with a mask and articulation at the wrists, arms and neck.

Suggested Retail $65


lurker midori

Lurker Midori

by Erick Scarecrow x Frombies

This crossover figure is limited to only 16pcs worldwide! Each 6″ hand painted resin figure is signed and numbered by artist. For ages 15 & UP!

Suggested Retail $50






Kammu: Bronze Edition

by Nathan Hamill

Produced by Pretty in Plastic, 3.25″ tall.
Limited to 30 pieces.

Suggested Retail $125

disney shorts

disney shorts

disney shorts
disney shorts
disney shorts

disney shorts

disney shorts

disney shorts

disney shorts
Designed by Francisco Herrera

DISNEY SHORTS is all about those little things that make a huge difference in life. Magic is in the details so be part of these collectibles based on your favorite characters and movies of the wonderful world of Disney!
Extremely rare Disney Vinyl Collectible Limited to 1000 sets. Up until now only available in Mexico. There are now less than 500 sets left that we have just been given permission to import into the US as they were recently licensed for US sale. Get it on the first series while you can.
Suggested Retail $30 each

big boner
big boner

big boner
big boner
big bonerbig boner

Ron English x Blackbook = BIG BONER OG  – PRE-ORDER

We, BlackBook Toy, are proud to announce the release of our new toy with renowned contemporary artist, Ron English! This “Big Boner” is based on the skull character in his book, Stickable Art Offenses. Much fatter than his iconic MC Supersized!! This OG edition is clear is double molded (clear outside, white inside) with light grey wipe.

Limited 150pcs worldwide. Sculpted by T9G! MADE IN JAPAN, Undeniable quality!! Standing 21cm (8.25″)

Suggested Retail $100

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