DKE Toys & Toy Break present The Third Annual Suckathon! FREE PRIZES!!

Suckathon 3

DKE Toys & Toy Break present The Third Annual Suckathon!

Featuring The Super Sucklord and Billions McMillions broadcasting

LIVE and UNCENSORED from the DCon stage. 2-4pm each day


Pasadena Convention Center, 300 East Green Street, Pasadena CA 91101




DKE Toys and Toy Break present the Third Annual Suckathon starring The Super Sucklord. Can’t make it to Designer Con? Tune in to Saturday, November 9 and Sunday, November 10, 2013. 2-4pm PST each day.


This year the Suckathon is all new with GAMES, PRIZES, MADNESS and MORE!




That’s right! Be the next contestant on The Suckathon and WIN FREE PRIZES from all your favorite artists. Saturday, November 9 and Sunday, November 10, 2013. 2-4pm each day on the Dcon Stage! Must be present to win!


Prizes provided by the artists below:


Scott Tolleson’s The Bong Show

KaNO’s Ghetto Balls

Healeymade’s Blow Your Brains Out

Frank Kozik’s The Dated Game

The Sucklord’s Man Twerk

Paul Kaiju’s Gorilla Nut Grab

Greg Mishka’s Space Friend

Billions McMillions’ High Spy

Healeymade’s Shock Therapy

The Sucklord’s Who Got It?

The Sucklord’s Deep Throat Carrot Suck

Luke Chueh’s Target


Featuring Billions McMillions on the Mix

And Suck-Babes Mzre Yuen and Agent Wednesday


Tune in to or show up at the Pasadena Convention Center.


THE SUPER SUCKLORD is an intergalactic hustler and entrepreneur, trading in bootleg action figures, illicit remix records, and dusted internet video. Operating from a secret facility in Chinatown New York, The Sucklord is a master media manipulator and Downtown Designer Toy impresario. He is the supreme ruler of SUCKADELIC, an evil arts organization dedicated to the production and sale of the Sucklord’s ironic, low-quality art merchandise,.and you may have seen him on some cable art show.


DKE TOYS: Dov Kelemer & Sarah Jo Marks are Co-Founders of DKE Toys, the largest independent wholesale distributor of designer toys, limited edition art objects, collectibles, and gifts in the world exclusively representing hundreds of artists, designers, and boutique manufacturers. DKE also curates art shows, writes books, appraises and buys collections and toy closeouts of all shapes and sizes.


TOY BREAK: Toy Break is your weekly internet show featuring reviews and news about designer vinyl, plush, action figures, collectibles, events, how-to’s, interviews, and more!


DKE Toys is also presenting the following at Designer Con 2013:

  • The Super Suck Up 2! Customized Sucklord figure editions by actual artists!
  • The 99 Deaths of Jar Jar art show!
  • The Fifth Annual DKE Toys Graveyard & Garage Sale


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