Throwback Thursday to DCON 2013!

What with all the nuttiness of having a new baby last year I never posted the pics from Designer Con 2013. So here are the artist portraits from The Super Suck Up 2! Thanks Victoria Lara for shooting these!  Plus there are about 400 more images on Flickr that Dov snapped.

See you this weekend in Pasadena!


Designer Con 2013_0317



Designer Con 2013_0354



Designer Con 2013_0462

Jesse Hernandez


Designer Con 2013_0364

Woes Martin


Designer Con 2013_0372

Michelle Valigura


Designer Con 2013_0374



Designer Con 2013_0385



Designer Con 2013_0387



Designer Con 2013_0402

Scott Wilkowski


Designer Con 2013_0419

Sket One

Designer Con 2013_0454



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