DKE Toys DCON 2015: Our first 3 announcements! Good For You Toys and Custom GeekWok Show!

DKE is back at Designer Con November 21-22 Booth #812. We have a lot to get through before the show doors open! DKE will have over 2 dozen art toy releases, 2 art shows and a few other tricks up our sleeves.

What do you get when Good For You Toys, Special Ed Toys and Luke Chueh collaborate? Good For Chueh Toys! Luke Chueh’s BOBAS’ BOBA. Chueh’s iconic Boba painting has been interpreted for the first time as a carded 3.75” non-action figure.

Once a target is neutralized and secured, the Boba man enjoys a little “boba time” with a refreshing boba tea.

Limited Edition. Hand cast resin, painted, and autographed 3 ¾” carded figures.  Retail is $110 tax included and there will be 40 available at the show.
Drink Boba's Boba by Luke Chueh x Good For You Toys x Special Ed Toys


Also from Good For You Toys…


Who is IZA Man? With the first sparks of fire by hand, IZA was awoken.

Kissing the sacred leafs of the Canibus with fire opened a path for IZA to the physical world.

Sometimes, when the thoughts of man are elevated high into the clouds of being, IZA can be glimpsed battling the demonic hoard of the cancerous Paranoids.

IZA promotes understanding. Elevating thought and perception. Encouraging creativity. Calming souls. Easing pain and sickness. Laying the righteous hammer of peace when necessary. That IZA MAN.


Designer Con 2015 brings forth the mystical debut edition of IZA MAN. Limited to 20 hand numbered pieces in glow in the dark clear resin with green highlights. Brought to you by Good For You Toys.



Iza Man by Good For You Toys    

Also at the DKE Toys booth, come see the Custom GeekWok Show! 

UMETOYS is proud to present the Custom GeekWok Show – 21 international artists take on the cutest UMETOYS resin this side of our galaxy! Hosted at Designer Con 2015 by DKE Toys Nov 21-22.

Featuring the formidable work of these global artists:  

Ayleen Gaspar

Dr Barbados


DOKtor A

George Gaspar


Jryu Jess

Jon Paul Kaiser

Lisa RaE Hansen


Mark Troup

Mike Mendez

Molly bolder


Peter Kato

Jeremy Tanavit

Rich Sheehan


Seriously Silly

K Wetworks

64 Colours

Richard Page,  founder of UME-Toys, is a creative professional whose background is founded in graphic design. UME-Toys (You&Me) came to life as a joint project with his daughter @elmos_empire to serve as an outlet for their joint ideas whilst she was being home schooled. Always a keen doodler Richard began to turn his sketches into finished resin collectables, growing the UME brand through social media, gallery shows and word of mouth. In 2014 he won the prestigious Clutter Designer Toy Awards for best resin toy with his cute GeekWok character.    www.UMETOYS.NET | | #customgeekwok    

Custom GeekWok ShowCustom GeekWok Show

Custom GeekWok Show custom by Richard Page

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