DKE Toys at DCON 2018 – CON STUFF – Factory Sample and Jay “Toofless” O’Leary

Come see DKE Toys at Designer Con 2018 at the Anaheim Convention Center booth 2523 November 16th-18th. If you can’t make it to Anaheim please email to be placed on a waitlist for any leftovers after the show.

There are always more photos on our Flickr. The DCON 2018 album link is
Cease & Desist by Factory Sample
Hand cast and painted 3.75″ scale carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 30.
FACTORY SAMPLE is a enigma wrapped in creativity and shrouded in appropriation.


How to Train Your Stranger Thing by Jay “Toofless” O’Leary
Here it is. Toothless riding Toothless by Toofless.
A note from Jay, “Each toy has different sayings Dustin or Toothless says but modified to toy reference of course. Each hand stamped with Christmas light stamps I found thrifting. Also a toof from my personal collection super exclusive to these ten at DKE dcon 2018.”
Hand cast 3.75″ scale carded figure set. Signed and numbered edition of 10.
Instagram: @jayoleary


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