DesignerCon 2020 – 35th Anniversary Back to the Future Art Show – Over 30 DKE artists create Back to the Future themed action figures! November 13 – 15, 2020

DCON goes virtual in 2020 with a Back to the Future theme!

Every year DesignerCon organizes events and aesthetics around an important pop-culture theme. For this edition of DCON, the expo celebrates the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future—a franchise more timely than ever—and will be honoring the iconic films with a fan art show, curated by Carmen “Jane Dope” Acosta. The exhibition will be held at Art Share LA, a non-profit arts organization in DTLA, and livestreamed to DCON attendees. DKE Toys was asked to curate a selection of hand made action figure editions to be included in the main art show. Over 30 artists created editions of 10 pieces each. 

November 13-15 you can view and purchase figures in two places. All of the figures will be on display in the DKE booth starting Friday at noon via Zoom and available to purchase via the DKE Toys store. They will also be displayed in the gallery at Art Share LA and available virtually to DCON ticket holders via Popshop Live – Friday (VIP only) and Saturday and Sunday to General Admission DCON ticket holders.

DesignerCon will broadcast and sell to thousands of attendees on Popshop Live, a groundbreaking platform at the forefront of streaming commerce. For DCON tickets go to:

In addition, DKE Toys is hosting a LIVE virtual event for 2020 DesignerCon. To culminate our virtual event season we bring you #DKECON – DCON Edition! The pandemic continues to provide the unusual opportunity of inviting everyone we know to our “booth”. 

The DKE Toys DesignerCon booth will be set up in the DKE warehouse and available to all via a live continuous Zoom webinar style meeting Friday 12pm-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-7pm PST. For the first time in DKE Toys history all of the DCON convention releases will be available in our online store.

Zoom link
Store link 
More and updated information
Check out all the releases on Instagram @dketoys

There are always more photos on our Flickr. Link for the DKE Toys component of the Back to the Future Art Show
Traveled BACK Too Far by Toyweaver

DesignerCon 2020 – 35th Anniversary Back to the Future Art Show Artists Include:
Links go to artist’s Instagram
Awesome Figures
Barely Human
Buzzard Guts
Credenda Studios
Dogman Toys
Edwin Salas
Forces of Dorkness
It Went Bad
Jason Adams
Keiji Ishida
King Spider Toys
Kjelshus Collins
Mark Todd
Medeuces Wild
Mr Blank Toys 
Mug Costanza
Punk and Pop Toys
RutRo Toys
Sidekick Monkey Toys
Snapp Fink Toys
Theres Only Yesterday
Uppercut Party Toys
Yoyodyne Toy Division
Yucko Toys

Back To The Grave by Snapp Fink Toys

Flying Time Traveler Toy by Barely Human Toys

2020 Again by Edwin Salas

A Match Made In Space by Awesome Figures

Bad Guy Van by ToneZoneToys 

Back to the Halen by Mark Todd

Beep to the Future: MarT-D2 by Medeuces Wild 

About DesignerCon: Founded in 2005 by Ben Goretsky, DesignerCon brings together artists, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the designer toy / vinyl collectibles market and has grown to incorporate everything in the design world including apparel, plush, printing, sculpture, designer toys, and both fine and urban art. The steady growth DesignerCon has enjoyed correlates with its popularity in today’s art nerd, geek culture; collectors and designer toy lovers alike wait through the night for new releases, pre-orders for new artist collaboration apparel are sold out within minutes, and artists use the convention as an opportunity to announce exclusive releases and collaborations.

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