DKE Toys Presents #DKECON 2021 March 19-21

Ian, Dov, and Janky presenting the DKE Toys Booth #DKECON Designer Con 2020Photo: Janky Toys

DKE Toys Presents First Annual #DKECON
March 19-21 2021A virtual event!

DKE Toys is pleased to announce our first annual LIVE standalone virtual event, #DKECON 2021 March 19-21. The DKE Toys booth will be set up in the DKE warehouse and available to all via a live continuous Zoom webinar style meeting Friday 12pm-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-7pm PT. All convention releases will be available simultaneously in our online store.

Zoom link
Store link 
More and updated information
Check out all the releases on Instagram @dketoys

The online store will go live with all of the new #DKECON editions at 12pm PT Friday March 19th and will remain open for the duration of the show. All exclusive products will be limited to one per person per item on Friday. Starting Saturday at 10am customers will be able to purchase two or more based on availability. All attempts will be made to combine multiple purchases and refund excess shipping.

With each qualifying purchase and while supplies last customers will receive a “fine” silk-screened Killer Bootlegs tote bag designed for DKE by Killer Bootlegs himself, Peter Goral, and featuring art by Joseph Schmalke. Edition limited to 1000. Additionally, most shipments will receive a free lapel pin by Special Ed Toys.

Check the link for the completed schedule. Programming will include surprise releases, artist interviews, artist studio tours, giveaways, surprise guests, contests and more! Plus all your favorite DKE segments including: Favorite Things with Sarah Jo, Collector’s Paradise,You’re Very Special with Dollar $lice Bootlegs, Life Questions Answered with Janky Toys, Dungeon of Death & Prizes with Barbarian Rage, and of course The Dan Goodsell ASMR Hour

We will also have one of a kind back stock items, DKE warehouse tour, show-and-tell with Dov. Tune in and ask Dov anything! Chat with Dov and staff about toy making, art, food, parenting tips, collecting, politics, and more. In quiet moments watch Dov and staff pull and pack your order LIVE! 

DKE will have almost 40 exclusive releases! (Artist list below.) In addition we have three mini art shows. False Idols by Australian artist ADi, featuring his one of a kind pop culture wood creations. Ghoul of Gabba’s Drink the Ghoul-Aid show featuring 30 hand painted card backs of Saints and Cult Leaders. And a collaboration between Special Ed Toys and Ghanaian artist Salvation in collaboration with Deadly Prey Gallery, 20 Alien vs Predatorhand painted wood panel card backs.

Behind the scenes and “making of” images are always at our Flickr with additional folders for all previous shows and releases.

All #DKECON interviews are posted on the new DKE TOYS TV YouTube Channel.

Dov Kelemer is available for interviews. We are also happy to facilitate getting you in touch with any artists for interviews as well. Thanks in advance for your coverage and support!
Free Killer Bootlegs tote bag with purchase! (front & back pictured)

Featured Artists for #DKECON 2021 include (link goes to artist’s Instagram):
Aloud Spacelab
Buzzard Guts
Carlos Ramirez
Dead Greedy & UME TOYS
Delicious Again Peter
Edwin Salas
Fatoh / Kidding Toy
Figure FETTish
For The Love of Old Toys
Geezer Periodicals
Ghoul of Gabba
Gus Fink
Jason Chalker
Jim Mahfood
Joshua D. Hoaglund
Magoob Toys
Mallow Toys
Mark Todd
Medeuces Wild
Mug Costanza
Punk and Pop Toys
Rendar Art
Ron English x Suckadelic
Samuel Kelemer
Scott C.
Shark Sandwich Toys
Salvation & Special Ed Toys
Trillionaire Toys Club
Yoyodyne Toy Division
and more…

Who will Dov interview during DKECON 2021? Check out the archived interviews on YouTube #DKEToysTV

#DKECON 2021 Schedule
All times PT (Los Angeles Time)

#DKECON 2021 Temp Schedule
All times are PST (Los Angeles Time)
Zoom link
Store link
More and updated information
Updated schedule and all information

Friday March 19, 2021
12:00pm #DKECON store opens
12:00pm #DKECON Zoom begins
1:00pm Surprise Releases announced
2:00pm Artist Interview: The Mark Ultra
3:00pm Programing Begins
You’re Very Special with Dollar $lice Bootlegs
Favorite Things with Sarah Jo
Collector’s Paradise
Chicken Burger Disco 
4:00pm Artist Interview: Jim Mahfood
5:00pm Artist Interview: Deadly Prey Gallery
6:00pm Artist Interview: Matt Rendar
7:00pm Artist Interview: Carlos Ramirez
7:30pm Dungeon of Death & Prizes with Barbarian Rage
8:00pm #DKECON Zoom end (store remains open)

Saturday March 20, 2021
10:00am #DKECON Zoom begins
11:00am Surprise Releases announced
12:00pm Artist Interview: Clutter
1:00pm Artist Interview: Delicious Again Peter
2:00pm Artist Interview: MocToys
3:00pm Programing Begins
You’re Very Special with Dollar $lice Bootlegs
ASMR Hour with Dan Goodsell
Collector’s Paradise
Chicken Burger Disco
4:00pm Artist Interview: 2bitHack
5:00pm Artist Interview: ADi
6:30pm Dungeon of Death and Prizes & Barbarian Rage
7:00pm #DKECON Zoom ends

Sunday March 21, 2021
10:00am #DKECON Zoom begins
10:00am Designer Con Pop Shop Live begins for ticketed guests
11:00am Surprise Releases announced
12:00pm Artist Interview: UMEToys
1:00pm Artist Interview: Mallow Toys
2:00pm Artist Interview: Junkfed
3:00pm Programing Begins
You’re Very Special with Dollar $lice Bootlegs
ASMR Hour with Dan Goodsell
Collector’s Paradise
Chicken Burger Disco
4:00pm Artist Interview: OnlyYoliArt
5:00pm Artist Interview: Acquired Taste Industries
6:00pm Artist Interview: Samuel Kelemer
6:30pm Dungeon of Death and Prizes & Barbarian Rage
7:00pm #DKECON Zoom ends

*Everything subject to change…
DKE Toys Booth #DKECON Designer Con 2020
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