DKE Toys @ SDCC 2022 – all the info…LIVE and IN-PERSON!

Dov in his “natural habitat”. DKE Toys Booth San Diego Comic Con 2019
Photo: Flat Bonnie

DKE Toys at San Diego Comic Con 2022 at the San Diego Convention Center
July 20-24 2022
An In-Person event!!

DKE Toys is exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con 2022, an in-person event, July 20-24. The DKE Toys booth (#2643) will be set up at the San Diego Convention Center. No DKE warehouse, no Zoom, just Dov back in the booth. 

In an effort to not alienate our online customer base that we have cultivated over the past few years, we are offering all exclusives for sale online FIRST at NOON PACIFIC on Friday July 15th. Catch Dov a few minutes before noon on Instagram LIVE to kick off the online sale and answer any questions. Anything not sold out may be temporarily taken off the site to go to the live show starting on July 20th. And anything left over will go back on the site when we return.  

Store link 
More and updated information
Check out all the releases on Instagram @dketoys

DKE will have over 30 exclusive releases! (Artist list below.) In addition we have one mini art show. Bear Wars by Ghanaian poster artist Magasco & Luke Chueh includes a hand cast 3.75″ scale figure on 12×9″ painted wood panel. 40 pieces to choose from.  Email announcements will follow over the next week. 

Behind the scenes and “making of” images are always at our Flickr with additional folders for all previous shows and releases.

Dov Kelemer is available for interviews. We are also happy to facilitate getting you in touch with any artists for interviews as well. Thanks in advance for your coverage and support!

Featured Artists for SDCC 2022 include (link goes to artist’s Instagram):
Alex Gross
Aloud Spacelab
Buzzard Guts
Camote Toys
Dead Greedy x Hal Hefner
Dollar $lice Bootlegs
Edwin Salas
Figure FETTish
Gus Fink x Ghoul of Gabba
Killer Bootlegs
King Spider Toys
Larry Welz x Discordia Merchandising
Lou Pimentel x Suckadelic
Luke Chueh
Magasco x Luke Chueh
Mallow Toys
Mark Todd
Rap Trading
Scott C
Scott Wilkowski Suckadelic
Shark Sandwich Toys
Slug Industries
Steve Casino
Whistling Pony
Yoyodyne Toy Division
and more…
*Everything subject to change…

DKE Toys booth DCON 2021

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