DKE Toys Booth Designer Con 2022.
DKE Toys Booth Designer Con 2022

Hello Press and Friends,

DKE Toys presents an SDCC online event!

12pm Pacific, Friday July 14, 2023

DKE Toys is pleased to announce the online store will go live with all of the new San Diego Comic Con editions at 12pm Pacific Friday July 14th.

If you want to be part of the action join us LIVE on Zoom at 11:30am Pacific for a new episode of the DKE Toys TV Youtube Show. Dov will be joined by Co-Hosts Janky Toys, Barbarian Rage, and Ian Wilcox. Please join thru the zoom link to chat with the crew.

Zoom link
Store link
More and updated information
Check out all the releases on Instagram @dketoys
DKE Toys TV on Youtube

The in-person DKE Toys booth (#2643) at San Diego Comic Con 2023 will be shared with Creature Bazaar. Inventory at the in-person show will be extremely limited. Online purchases are recommended.

DKE will have about 16 exclusive releases! (Artist list below.) We have 2 mini art shows. Cantina Aliens by Ghanaian poster artist Stoger includes a hand cast 3.75" scale figure on 12x9" painted wood panel. 19 pieces to choose from. We will also have Second Quarter of the Third Batch Art Show by Dustin Benzing featuring Dustin's signed one of a kind hand carved and painted wood blocks.

Email announcements will follow over the next week.

Behind the scenes and "making of" images are always at our Flickr with additional folders for all previous shows and releases.

Dov Kelemer is available for interviews. We are also happy to facilitate getting you in touch with any artists for interviews as well. Thanks in advance for your coverage and support!

Featured Artists for SDCC 2023 include (link goes to artist's Instagram):

Everything subject to change.

Subscribe on YouTube @dketoys
Subscribe on YouTube @dketoys

Thanks as always. See you soon!

Sarah Jo and Dov
DKE Toys
Instagram @dketoys @sucklefriends
YouTube DKE Toys TV or 818-767-7900 for more info

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