NYCC runs October 6-9 and DKE Toys will be there with a slew of Con Stuff! Booth #423. We will be sending out announcements in batches again as we did for SDCC. This is #1 of most likely only 2 batches. Many more images on our Flickr!

HipHop Wars: HipHop Trooper by Special Ed Toys

Special Ed is back with the new HipHop Wars: HipHop Trooper. Each figure is a hand painted and customized 3.75″ vintage figure on custom designed card back. Comes with mail away coupon for the Def Star Thumper boom box. Each figure is signed and numbered out of 50 figures worldwide by Special Ed and the Hip Hop Trooper. $75 each

“From bootleg toys to terrible “art” of dubious quality, there is no type of “artistic” medium I won’t shamelessly exploit in my mission to bring a little bit of terribleness into collector’s homes far and wide!” – Special Ed Toys

Instagram @specialedtoys


instagram @hiphoptrooper



Darth Trump by Timebandits x Special Ed Toys

What needs to be said about this figure. In a time of political turmoil a dark force rises to prominence. Will he succeed in taking power? Maybe his steak will protect him? Hand cast and painted 3.75 inch custom resin figure on card. Only 25 made. $85. These sell out opening day for sure.




Special Ed Toys

Instagram @specialedtoys

Carlos Espinoza

Illustration & Design by Mocjoes

Instagram @moctoys


David Arshawsky




Todd Action

Toy Customizer/Painter





Wookie Hash Pipe: Luce Skytoker by Jim Mahfood

A follow up to SDCC’s Dose Vapors figure based on Jim Mahfood’s Wookie Hash Pipe universe. This edition of 50 figures is hand cast and painted and is signed and numbered by Jim. The back of the card has the follow up installment to the Wookie Hash Pipe comix saga.

Jim Mahfood aka Food One has been working as a freelance artist since 1997, amassing an impressive cult following across the globe. Highlights of his career include art chores on Kevin Smith’s Clerks comics, his creator-owned titles Grrl Scouts, Los Angeles Ink Stains, and Carl The Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches. Recent projects include illustrating the Everybody Loves Tank Girl series and Miami Vice: Remix. Jim is currently working on his new full-color Grrl Scouts comic book series that will debut from Image Comics in early 2017!







Hobo Fett by Manly Art
Manly Art is at it again this time with Hobo Fett as a part of his ever expanding Pimp2D-2’s Big Score action figure line. Each figure is a hand cast and painted 3.75″ resin figure. Now when Pimp2D-2 and C-3P-Ho are stopped at a red light in their Pimp Speeder, Hobo Fett can wash their windshield. I wonder if they tip?
Only 25 pcs of these babies available. $90.

Jason Chalker (aka Manly Art) is a Dallas based illustrator and toy maker. He has done illustration work for Upper Deck and Topps on brands such as Marvel, Mars Attacks and Star Wars. His Pimp2-D2 action figure line has managed to find its way into the collection at Rancho Obi-Wan and the homes of collectors around the world.

Instagram @manlyart



Jedi Master Yoga by Jedi Master Jay

DKE is proud to be working with Jedi Master Jay for the first time. There are many of his figures already in our collection. It was the Black Power Droid that initially brought him to our attention. Jedi Master Yoga is a hand cast and painted 3.75″ scale resin figure on card. Each one comes with a Yoga force serpent accessory. While the edition is 50 pcs only about 30 will make it to the show in time for NYC this year. $45 each. Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

Hailing from Burncity’s Bootleg Bay Jedi Master Jay is an Australian bootlegger of Star Wars toys.

Jedi jumped on the Star Wars hipster band wagon of collecting Star Wars bootlegs, shunning the Disney / Lucas franchise of products. He then took the next step of starting to make his own toys. Not having the skills or patience to make ‘designer toys’, he took the more degenerate path of a toy ‘bootlegger’ Applying the same sample, remix, cut n paste principles picked up from years of DJing, Jedi’s bootlegs sometimes convey a message but more often than not they’re just for shits n giggles. So relax it’s just a fucking bootleg.

Instagram @jedi_master_jay



2 items from RYCA!

Reservoir Troopers by RYCA

Wow what a set!!! 6 figures for $165 based on the sold out print edition of the same name. Each card is a multi color silk screen with 6 hand cast and painted 3.75″ figures. Need we say more. Only 20 of these signed and numbered babies available. WTF!!!

Ryan Callanan a.k.a RYCA has long since been one of the most sought after artists at artrepublic. He burst onto the scene back in 2006 with his Star Wars inspired print, Reservoir Troopers (red) that sold out at in astonishingly quick time. In May of the same year thieves broke into the gallery and stole the same piece, believing it to be a Banksy. The artist told us at the time that he was quite chuffed with the mistake. He graduated from art school in 2002 and was inspired to create his first print, Ona Islam after visiting the acclaimed London exhibition of Banksy works, ‘Santa’s Ghetto’ in 2006. Other sources of inspiration include cult classics, the Star Wars franchise, Pop Art, and the Renaissance. uDrawing inspiration for his career as a 3D sign writer, RYCA incorporates a wide use of materials including resin and glass into his sculptural pieces. With his in-depth knowledge of materials and craftsmanship he is currently working on new projects with hip-hop song lyrics alongside numerous public commissions. RYCA made headlines when he realized his ‘Acid Cup’, a handcrafted replicate of the World Cup trophy, to coincide with the 2014 tournament in Brazil. Big Beat DJ and Brighton hero Fatboy Slim loved RYCA’s sculpture so much he took one on tour with him as he played a host of huge gigs around the country. He has exhibited worldwide and enjoyed a number of highly successful solo shows, also collaborating with a number of well respected artists including Ben Eine, David Walker and Stik.

Instagram @ryca_art



Mavi Krom Uzay by RYCA

The conversation went like this: “Hey Ryan can you send me one of those blue Uzay figures I saw online the other day?”  Reply: “I am sending you a bunch of them with some other chase figures included. Oh yeah and you can price them at $45 each.” WTF x2!!!  Hand cast and painted 3.75″ resin figures on silk screened card back.

Figure is based on the original bootleg “Uzay” Turkish toys …. The most famous being the blue stars, a blue Snow Trooper.

Mavi Krom Uzay is a Turkish translation of “blue chrome stars”.

Bio and social media above.



2 items from Killer Bootlegs!

Ewoking Dead lapel pin by Killer Bootlegs

Killer Bootlegs has transformed his classic figure into a classic lapel pin. What more is there to say? $15 each and comes on oversized card back to simulate the action figure feel.

@killerbootlegs  twitter and IG

Facebook – Killer Bootlegs and Peter Wheatstraw Goral

Born in the 80’s, Killer Bootlegs artist Peter Goral’s childhood was saturated with action figures, cartoons, and classic movies. When he was 4 years old, his father showed him a bootleg copy of The Empire Strikes Back. Little did he know that this would start Peter on the path to being at the forefront of the bootleg toy movement. Today, Peter’s artwork is highly sought after by collectors and has been in galleries worldwide. He has inspired and mentored countless other resin artists to follow in his footsteps. What started as a hobby collecting toys has grown into a full-time career for Peter, letting him do what he loves best every day, play with toys.


Killer lapel pin by Killer Bootlegs

Killer Bootlegs iconic logo using the Killer font now an iconic lapel pin. $10 each

Bio and social media above.


R2-Lean Too by Dollar $lice Bootlegs

For decades Dollar $lice Bootlegs has been making his own weird art but now he has completely sold out and debased himself by using overt pop culture references in his work. But I guess if you think about it there is still a drug theme in there so it’s ok.

Hand cast 3.75″ scale figure on custom card back. Signed and numbered edition of 25  $45

Instagram @dollar_slice_bootlegs


Wars Not Make One Great by Free Humanity  $100 tax included

Famed street artist Free Humanity has hand customized each 3.75? scale figure and added a paint bucket and roller. More importantly each card back has been hand stenciled, splattered and signed and numbered out of 50 pieces. This is the second and final edition in dark pink. The previous edition sold out earlier this year at SDCC. A Free Humanity stencil on a canvas would be at least 10 times as much money in a gallery. These will not last long.

Free Humanity Street Artist/Public Artist. Established 2009. Los Angeles. Free Humanity is an internationally recognized artist that has focused on political situations and notable figures who have had a positive impact on the world. Working his way from small street pieces to large scale murals all over the country. Free Humanity art can be seen on the streets of many cities world wide ranging from London, Paris, Mexico City, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles with his Signature Heart Style.

Instagram @FreeHumanity

DKE Toys at Super Toy Con Las Vegas this weekend!!

Dov is going to Super Toy Con in Las Vegas this weekend! We have a few releases to announce and will of course populate our booth with all kinds of cool stuff.
A note from Dov, “There were over a dozen Garbage Pail Kids artists appearing at Super Toy Con in Las Vegas and since I wanted to go anyway we decided to get a booth. We have a decent supply of hand made resin action figures from SDCC and DCon so…what the hey! Let’s see if a mainstream toy collecting audience is into what we do.
Dead Greedy was nice enough to expedite a run of Mr. TMNT. The previous 2 editions sold out and this third one is an edition of 20 pieces with purple knee and elbow pads. Presumably the third of four? There are four turtles after all. Hand cast and painted on custom made card back. $55
Special Ed and Allways Holdn teamed up with the Hip Hop Trooper to deliver an edition of 200 numbered vintage style lapel pins on a 4×6 card back. Hip Hop Trooper will be in attendance to sign them. $15
Lastly as a follow up to their action figure collab, UrbanMedium and Special Ed/Allways Holdn made a limited edition Che Trooper lapel pin numbered out of 100. $10”


Twitter: @Jeremy_Bourquin
Instagram: @deadgreedy



Special Ed Toys 
Instagram: @specialedtoys 

Allways Holdn’ 
Instagram: @allways_holdn 

HipHop Trooper
Instagram: @hiphoptrooper 


Instagram: @urbanmedium


DKE Toys Super Toy Con Flickr
Or check my IG


Hello and here is BATCH #5, the FINAL batch of DKE Toys SDCC 2016 CON STUFF!

Bird is the Word by Frank Kozik

$65 tax included

Frank Kozik’s iconic Mao with ears character, “Bird is the Word” makes its debut as a 3.75” scale action figure. Each figure is hand cast in red resin and is limited to 50 pieces. Card back art by Frank Kozik. Sculpted by George Gaspar.


Ewoking Dead by Killer Bootlegs

$65 tax included

Killer Bootlegs has come up with another installment in his Ewoking Dead series. This time focusing on our favorite little critter. Each figure is hand cast, flocked and painted in a very undead kind of way. There is actual dirt mixed into the flocking from the Evans City Cemetery where the original 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead was shot. This carded figures is 3.75″ scale but measure about 2” cuz he’s short. Edition of 100.



Che Trooper by Special Ed Toys x UrbanMedium

$65 tax included

UrbanMedium’s iconic Che Trooper, generally found wheat pasted in the streets, has now been transformed into a 3.75” resin action figure that you can take home with you. If your other action figures are not behaving then you can sic this guy on them. ¡Viva la Revolución! This “Winter of 59” edition is hand cast in resin and hand painted. Measures 3.75″ on card. Edition of 50. Sculpted By George Gaspar.


Our Only Hope & For the Empire figure set by Special Ed Toys

$120 tax included

Special Ed Toys has a very special set of figures just in time for election season. The classic good vs evil political fight is on. This one is a little more cut and dry compared to real life. Set comes with two customized 3.75″ figures on card. Edition of 20 sets.


Darth Candy by Good For You Toys 

$60 tax included

Good For You Toys’ third installment in their Django Uncloned series (the “D” is silent). This is the Debut Edition of the evil villain Darth Candy. Each card will feature “custom galactic spray” and have mesmerizing silver highlights.  All previous editions of Django Fett and Slave Hildy sold out. Get this one while you can. Hand cast 3.75” resin carded figure. Edition of 30. Sculpted by George Gaspar.


Django Uncloned “Animated Edition” by Good For You Toys

$60 tax included

Good For You Toys is back with yet another Django Fett (the “D” is silent) in their classic mash up series of our favorite space opera and our western hero Django. This colorway is based on the classic animated bounty hunter look with remixed front and back card art. Why do they keep making more Django colorways you ask? Because they keep selling out!!! Hand cast and painted 3.75″ resin figure on card. Edition of 30. We fully expect these to rocket fire away…


As usual, everything subject to change. Cheat Sheet will be posted shortly!

We are always adding images to our Flickr including unannounced items!


Hello and here is BATCH #4 of DKE Toys SDCC 2016 CON STUFF!

There will likely be only 1 more batch next week, but we will try and get it out sooner!!


Wookie Hash Pipe: Dose Vapors by Jim Mahfood  $100 tax included

Jim Mahfood, comic book artist extraordinaire, has created his own Sci-Fi universe series Wookie Hash Pipe. The first installment “Dose Vapors” is transformed from Jim’s hand to real life by sculptor George Gaspar. Each figure is hand cast and hand painted resin and measures approx 4″ tall (still 3.75″ scale because he is a little taller than the other dudes). Signed and numbered edition of 50. Comes with chapter 1 of the comic story on the back. What’s in store for chapter 2? Stay tuned…
Instagram and Twitter @jimmahfood


SECRETOY Cinema Monster by Splurrt  $150 tax included

Joe Merrill creator of SPLURRT and SECRETOY has created this special edition for San Diego Comic Con. This 10″ tall sofubi figure (Japanese vinyl) is a marble mix of green and glow vinyl with metallic flake added. Edition of 25. Bagged with header card.
Twitter and Instagram @splurrt


Jumbo Akashi Head by Dave Bondi  $40 tax included

Dave Bondi has finally brought an edition of his acclaimed Akashi head to the masses. This rendition of his famous mash up was generally reserved for posting in the streets and on telephone poles in the middle of the night. This 8″ tall piece is made of poly urethane resin and foam filled. Comes in a special bright orange hue just for comic con. Signed and numbered edition of 30. Bagged with header card.

Instagram @davebondi

Twitter @bondi


Death Vader by Broke1  $45 tax included
Broke1 aka Broken Pidgeon has brought a Japanese vinyl (sofubi) edition of his famous Death Vader. It stands 5″ tall in a special red colorway just for comic con. Bagged with header card. Signed and numbered out of 25. Sweet!!!


We are always adding images to our Flickr.


Hello and here is BATCH #3 of DKE Toys SDCC 2016 CON STUFF!

STR WAS: Chewback by Mark Todd   $55 tax included
Artist Mark Todd’s first ever toy and first ever sculpture is a take on our furry friend. His original was molded and then cast in resin and hand painted by Mark as well. The card back is comprised of 2  
riso graph prints on front and back for that very indie zine feel. 3.75″ scale carded figure. Only 30 made and each is signed and numbered. 
Instagram @mark_todd


Star Rockers Chewrocka by Alien Robot Monster  $38 tax included

Alien Robot Monster aka Chris Nadolski has presented us with the first in his series of Star Rockers. Chewrocka stands at approx 5″ tall and comes in an exclusive hot pink especially for convention season. Only 30 made and each is signed and numbered.
Instagram @alienrobotmonster


Wars Not Make One Great by Free Humanity  $100 tax included
Famed street artist Free Humanity has hand customized each 3.75″ scale figure and added a paint bucket and roller. More importantly each card back has been hand stenciled, splattered and signed and numbered out of 50 pieces. A Free Humanity stencil on a canvas would be at least 10 times as much money in a gallery. These will not last long.
Instagram @FreeHumanity


Name’s Herman. Bicycles by Super Secret Fun Club   $65 tax included

Resin master Super Secret Fun Club has done it again. Hand cast and painted resin figure set with multiple accessories.  Edition of 11.  Yikes!
Instagram @supersecretfunclub


We are always adding images to our Flickr.


Black Ninja by Manny X Romero – Iconoclast Toys  $60 tax included
Just in case you were not in Argentina in the 1990s, Manny X Romero has brought back the rare ninja version of our favorite bad boy. Each figure is hand cast and painted measuring approx 3.5″ on custom carded figure.  Edition of 20
Instagram @artisdead


Bossk Lives by Credenda Studios  $65 tax included
Credenda Studios has done it again. This follow up to Freddy Fett & the Galactic Chainsaw Massacre Dengar. Bossk Lives mashes up our favorite bounty hunter with yet another horror classic. Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. Edition of 20


Star Weird: Boba (cas) Sette by Topztoy $35 tax included
Topztoy from Thailand has come up with an edition of 40 of our favorite bounty hunter encased in a cassette tape? Maybe this technology is better than a good old carbon freeze? This large hunk of hand poured resin is approx 3.75″  tall and comes carded with resealable blister. Maybe you can get it to play in your tape deck.


One Dollar Dude – North Korean Youth Version by Agent Wednesday   $55 tax included
Agent Wednesday is back with another one of our favorite trouble makers. This 3″ hand cast and painted resin figure is limited to only 15 pieces. Comes with special Pyongyang Youth Edition card back. Don’t tell Dear Leader or your computer might get hacked.  Canvas tote bag included.
Instagram @agentwednesday


Watcher in the Woods by Dollar $lice Bootlegs  $55 tax included
From the wacky mind of Dollar $lice Bootlegs comes this Disney-esque droid hybrid figure, magnet articulated and glows in the dark. Each hand cast and painted 3.75 scale resin figure comes on a custom made card back with clam shell packaging so you can “play” with it. Be careful though, you might get hurt.  Only 20 made.
Is he real?! You’ll only see him in your selfie when it’s too late!!  Your yoga pose will be totes ruined by having your nose torn off and shoved up your ass!  Watcher In The Woods will snap your narcissistic neck as you Snapchat your Supreme swag!
Instagram @dollar_slice_bootlegs



Hello and welcome to the first BATCH of DKE Toys SDCC 2016 CON STUFF!

We are announcing a little differently this year. Each email “batch” will have 5 or more items.


Today we have 5 items to announce!

Action MC by Ron English   $100 tax included

Ron English’s iconic MC Supersized character has been transformed into a 3 3/4 inch vintage style action figure by sculptor George Gaspar. Card back design by Ron English. Hand painted by Special Ed Toys. Now MC Supersized can have epic battles with the other figures in your collection.

Edition of 50
Instagram @ronenglishart


R2-SL1200 by Artbot138   $65 tax included
Artbot138 aka James Garrett has brought you a hand cast and  painted 3.75″ scale carded R2-D2 like figure with handy record player. Now all your action figures can listen to their favorite tunes. Not in real life but in pretend. Each comes with a vintage 7″ record and a fabulous record sleeve packaging with some crazy SW parody versions of some of your favorite bands.
Edition of 20
Instagram @artbot138


Make America Ape Again by Barely Human  $65 tax included

Barely Human aka John Black has made this magnificent POTA inspired 3.75″ carded figure from his Plain Old Apes series. Each hand painted resin cast 3.75″  figure has a load of accessories and interchangeable heads as well as magnetic articulation in all the joints. What more can you ask for?

Edition of 25
Instagram @barelyhumanart


Crystal Blue Snaggletooth by SkipBroToys and Field of Grey  $80  tax included
SkipBroToys and Field of Grey have teamed up to bring you something very special. This hand cast 3.75″ clear blue resin  interpretation of our rare vintage friend also comes on a unique clear vintage style card. Has to be seen in person to really be appreciated. It’s like the  spirit of Snaggletooth!!!
Edition of 20


Art Trooper Series: Basquiat by RYCA   $55 tax included

This is an amazing follow up to the 2015 Warhol Trooper. Each 3 3/4  hand cast and painted figure comes on a full color silk screened card  back.
Edition of 65

Instagram @ryca_art


There are many more images of these items and we are always adding images to our Flickr.

Dov is on The Collection Podcast this week

Thanks to Huck Gee and Mark Brickey for having Dov on the show this week.

You can listen here.

From Huck’s site:

Episode 327 “The Collection with Huck Gee Volume II: Dov Kelemer of DKE”
The Collection happens the first Wednesday of every month on Adventures In Design when toy famous designer Huck Gee joins us along with special guests and we talk about the world of collectable designer toys from collectors to designers. We evaluate Huck’s first month in 2016, cleaning up his web store and still plotting and panning his future. More info here.


DKE Holiday Party is Dec 24th!

Holiday Party print 2015 by Craig Elliott

 DKE Toys, Van Eaton Galleries, & Baby Tattoo Books
Invite YOU to a Holiday Party!
Christmas Eve, Thursday December 24th
Van Eaton Galleries
13613 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

We hope you will stop by for some fun, food
and Holiday cheer.
Happy Holidays!!

Poster by Craig Elliott free to attendees while supplies last.

Press Release: Disburst Announces Purchase of DKE Toys Wholesale Operations

Disburst-LogoPurchase will strengthen independent creative product distribution.

Los Angeles/Columbus, Dec 1, 2015: Disburst today announced the agreement to purchase DKE Toys wholesale operations from owner/operator Dov Kelemer. Taking place Feb 1, 2016, the purchase will make Disburst the largest independent toy wholesale distributor in the world with vendors and customers spread around the globe. Integral to the purchase agreement is a service agreement with DKE Toys to continue to provide vendor relations/management and new product acquisition services for Disburst going forward. Disburst will continue to maintain the current warehousing and fulfillment operations in North Hollywood, CA.

“The opportunity to take the highly respected services DKE Toys provides and extend their reach and breadth is what motivates Disburst. Retaining Dov’s participation via DKE Toys as an invaluable resource for independent toy designers to work with on behalf of Disburst is what makes this purchase so important to us,” said Scott Kuenzli, Chief Executive Officer of Disburst. “We at Disburst anticipate that leveraging our extensive backgrounds in business operations will enable us to take and grow the DKE Toys wholesale and fulfillment operations to include even more vendors, products, and customers in the future years.”

DKE Toys has been in the toy business for over 22 years and has operated as a wholesale independent toy distributor since 2005, presently serving as the largest independent toy distributor in the world. Owner Dov Kelemer has a long and positive history of supporting independent toy designers through his company, DKE Toys, which currently provides wholesale and fulfillment services for 170+ independent vendors. Dov will continue to be the point person for independent product vendors world over through DKE Toys’ continued vendor management relationship with Disburst.

Disburst, in Columbus, is a partnership between local entrepreneurs and friends Scott Kuenzli and Kent Boelling. With over 40 years of specialty retailing experience between them, Scott and Kent bring extensive business backgrounds with years of experience in direct mail advertising, financial and business systems software, logistics, convention exhibition, and art exhibition. Scott’s relationship to designer toys and popular culture art began in the late 90s when he attended the FX Toy show in Orlando, FL. Scott has often acted behind the scenes assisting Rivet during its 8 years as a popular culture mainstay of the Short North Arts District in Columbus, OH. He has served as a board member for the Short North Arts District business association, exhibited and dealt artwork on Rivet’s behalf at various Columbus venues and at Art Basel. Kent’s background in popular culture centers on his two and a half decade owning and operating Columbus’ longest running full service game store, The Soldiery. He started his first import-export company at age 23. Kent has served as an invaluable resource for numerous local entrepreneurs through informal startup business consulting for independent game producers over the course of his ownership and operation of The Soldiery.

Disburst, headquartered in Columbus, OH is a limited liability company formed in 2015 for the purposes of worldwide independent creative product distribution.

Contact: Scott Kuenzli